8 Reasons to Make Selling on Amazon a High Priority

In the age Amazon, it’s hard to imagine there’s a brand that doesn’t recognize the huge opportunity to sell on the channel. Still, sometimes it seems brands know they should be selling on Amazon, but they don’t understand why. Here are 8 reasons to make selling on Amazon a priority.

1. Amazon’s Reach

With nearly $136 billion in sales in 2016 Amazon is the largest online retailer by a long shot. Starting as an online bookstore barely 20 years ago, Amazon is now one of the largest companies in the world employing over 340,000 people and acquiring massive brands including Zappos and Whole Foods. Not showing any signs of stopping, Amazon the great commerce equalizer giving the little guys the chance to get in front just

Showing no signs of stopping, Amazon the great commerce equalizer giving the little guys the chance to get in front of just as many customers as fortune 500 companies.

2. Amazon’s Prime Members

Although Amazon doesn’t release data on Prime, in early 2017, multiple sources reported Amazon Prime membership reached 80 million, an increase of 38% in just one year. That’s 80 million people paying $99.99 a year to enjoy 2-day shipping, among other perks. Selling on Amazon opens the door to this loyal and growing Prime membership.

3. Amazon Reputation

Among the largest companies in the country, Amazon regularly takes the top spot for corporate reputation, outperforming popular companies like Google and Apple. Amazon’s exceptional reputation has a direct impact on sales, and when you sell on Amazon you are riding on reputation superior to any business. This positive public perception shapes, not only Amazon’s brand but lifts all brands on the platform.

4. Amazon Customer Service

Amazon’s reputation is a direct result of their stellar customer service. When you choose to sell your products on Amazon, you’re benefiting from Amazon’s unrivaled customer service. Since Amazon started, they have tirelessly been focused on customers. Speaking about this focus, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said,” The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer. Our goal is to be earth’s most customer-centric company.” It’s because of this focus that Amazon and Amazon sellers experience unmatched success in eCommerce.

5. Amazon Reviews

Amazon is no longer just an eCommerce platform. As it’s continued its expansion into all aspects of online retail, Amazon has solidified its place as a dependable and trustworthy source of product reviews. More and more customers look to Amazon for accurate product information, influencing purchasing decisions and brand perceptions. Companies who spend time building a brand on Amazon, benefit from Amazon customer reviews that validate product quality and increase conversions on all channels.

6. Amazon Innovation

Amazon is the definitive leader in eCommerce innovation, outpacing the competition by years of innovative thinking. With recent patents for both underwater and flying fulfillment centers, Amazon isn’t just slightly ahead of the competition, they’re leading the way in almost every aspect. That innovation allows sellers to focus on increasing their own sales while benefiting from Amazon’s innovative initiatives. Amazon is the future of eCommerce and they’re taking sellers with them.

7. Amazon Customers

On average, Amazon customers are younger and wealthier than customers on competitor sites. Prime members specifically have higher incomes, with an average household income of $69,300, nearly 24.8% higher than Walmart shoppers and 4% above Target’s. Selling on Amazon means selling to a wealthier customer base with a longer lifespan.

8. Amazon Marketing Capabilities

Since first rolling out their 3rd party selling platform Amazon has focused on giving sellers the marketing tools they need to differentiate themselves from the competition. Now even the smallest brands can legitimize themselves and compete using marketing tools such as Lightning Deals, headline and sponsored ads, and enhanced brand content. Amazon’s aim is to give even the most bootstrapped brand an opportunity to boost brand awareness and increase sales.

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