About Us

Starting in 2012, we began sourcing and selling our own products on Amazon.  After gaining experience selling in a variety of categories and finding out what works, we started helping out other brands. Within a year, our focus began to shift, as more companies sought our help to promote and sell products on Amazon.

Recognizing the growing needs of brands looking to find success on Amazon, we started consulting with and managing Amazon accounts. With years of experience, helping brands of all sizes succeed we have become a full-service Amazon account management company focused on improving rankings, boosting conversions and increasing sales velocity.

Today, Evolved Commerce is an industry leader in Amazon brand management and sales acceleration, helping hundreds of brands navigate and thrive on the Amazon marketplace.

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Our Team

Matson Tolman

CEO, Founder

Gabe Ray

VP of Operations

Matt Smith

VP of Client Services

Beau Jensen


David Narayan


Monika Nunez

Growth Specialist

Mike Evans

Growth Specialist

Rachel Leon

Growth Specialist

Jake Benson

Enterprise Account Manager

Logan Johnson

Director of Small Business

William LaBounty

Growth Specialist

Why Brands Choose Evolved Commerce

WE use our


As a pioneer Amazon marketing agency,  we’ve been doing this for quite a while, so we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.  

to cultivate


Just as our name suggests, we’re constantly evolving with Amazon, and finding innovative solutions to maximize sales and conversions for you.

and drive


Plain and simple, we succeed until you do, and your long-term success is ours. So everything we do is to help you succeed on Amazon today, tomorrow and into the future.