Launch the right way


Launch with experience

Launching a new brand on Amazon can be an exciting and daunting experience. Just getting the marketing, promotions, and content can be enough without worrying about creating shipments, optimizing listings, getting category approval and brand registry, and everything else. We can help take you through every step of the process.

Developing your product gameplan also involves a lot of moving parts and if you want to skip learning by trial and error, our experienced teams can help. The key is developing a winning strategy by building and leveraging brand awareness from the onset.


How Do We Do This?

First, we do in-depth research on your target market and competition. There are 3 major things that we want to know about your potential customers:

– Who is buying your types of products? (Gender, age, demographics etc)
– How frequently are they purchasing?
– What are the key components to winning their loyalty?

The Process

Second, we look at your existing competition on Amazon and again, understand 3 main components:

– How long have they been selling on Amazon?

– How much revenue are they generating each month?

– What are they doing to be successful?

We want to know the ins and outs of how your competition is being successful from what kind of ad campaigns they are running, what’s their customer review strategy, to what keywords they are ranking for. All of that data helps us create an initial game plan that we can implement, then use our own tactics and strategy to outmaneuver, and beat the competition.

Launching a brand on Amazon is more than just getting sales, its about building an identity and a footprint. We want customers to know who you are and desire your products. Our teams are great and growing sales and building profitable campaigns. But they are EXPERTS at helping companies build lasting, quality BRANDS on Amazon.



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