Amazon Discontinues Vendor Express Program

In a surprise move, this week Amazon announced they will be discontinuing Vendor Express. The program offered brands the opportunity to sell products to Amazon in bulk without needing an invitation or dealing with other requirements with Vendor Central.

Vendor Express was intended to be an option for sellers looking for some of the benefits of both Seller and Vendor Central, yet, after only 3 years the program was eliminated. It’s not entirely clear why Amazon made the move, although there has been some talk surrounding issues with counterfeit and poor-quality products.

Sellers were informed by email that the company would no longer take orders after May 21, 3018. As an alternative, the email encourages sellers “to continue taking advantage of peak sales on Prime Day and holidays” using Amazon’s third-party marketplace platform. See the full email below:

What Do Vendor Express Sellers Do Now?

Vendor Express sellers can either wait for an invitation to Vendor Central or start selling today on Seller Central using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). Both seller platforms have advantages and disadvantages, but most brands see more success on Seller Central, as they are able to have more control over important aspects including pricing and product listings.

Selling products FBA allows brands to have better control over pricing, product listings, inventory levels, and customer service.

If you’re a brand looking to move your products to Seller Central or improve Amazon seller performance on an existing account, we can help. Contact us and find out how we can make Amazon Easy for sellers.