Start with a solid base


Listing Creation and Optimization

It all starts with a solid foundation. Creating and optimizing high-quality listings is the essential foundation of a successful Amazon SEO campaign. You can an amazing product. You can drive as much traffic as you want. But without a high-quality, sales generating listing, it will be all for naught.

Our Amazon listing services begin with detailed listing optimization throughout the entire process. This is the foundation of a successful Amazon account. There are no “hacks” when it comes to listing creation on Amazon.



We work with our clients to produce very clean imagery. High quality imagery helps the customer see your product clearly while also portraying a high quality, reputable product. In most categories, we use white background, studio product photography placed in the first one or two image slots. In the remaining slots, we highly recommend using lifestyle photography and infographics to help the customer visualize the use of the product. If possible, and with Brand Registry, we complete the imagery with a high quality video produced to show your products details, uses and what sets you apart from the competition.


The process of building “sales copy” begins with complete product titles that clearly explain to the consumer what the product is.
Next are the bullet points. These are intended to inform the potential customer about all of the product features, how to use the product, and most importantly what makes your product different or special from the competition. The bullet points on Amazon can and should be complete paragraphs.
This key area of content is your first shot at giving your potential customer the best information you can to help them make that purchase decision. Amazon also gives the bullet points a great deal of value when it comes to your organic rankings.


Product Descriptions

The product description area is a great place to further explain in greater detail why your product is the right fit for your customers. This valuable content not only helps your customers understand your product but also is “indexable,” meaning it has extreme value in helping us rank organically for our appropriate keywords.

Once our clients are awarded Brand Registry then we will build out Enhanced Brand Content and a Branded Amazon Storefront. Enhanced Brand content or EBC is an Amazon feature that enables brand owners to modify the product description with visually rich content. Amazon Storefronts allow you to create a unique selling environment showcasing not only your key products, but all that your brand has to offer.

With EBC and Storefronts, you optimize your Amazon listings by conveying brand value, providing customer relevance and increasing customer engagement. With both fully optimized, you differentiate your listings from your competition and add a major factor towards improving your conversions and increasing sales.



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