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Building a quality product listing is the key to selling more on Amazon. Just like a website needs to meet certain criteria in order to rank well in search results, an Amazon product page has its own set of rules every seller needs to pay attention to. In order to beat out the competition and draw as much traffic as possible, every listing needs to be optimized and filled out according to the category specification.

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What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO, or search engine optimization, is optimizing a product listing to rank high on product results. Google’s website ranking algorithm and Amazon’s product listing algorithm, called the A9 algorithm, follow different rules, and each requires a different set of strategies. A website’s chance of ranking high on a Google search results page is based on the placement of strategic searchable keywords. Amazon’s A9 algorithm, on the other hand, places more weight on relevance and popularity metrics to determine which product listings rise to the top.

Because of this, if you’re using keywords you found using Google AdWords on Amazon, your product listing won’t be relevant to Amazon customer product searches. Google’s keywords and results are informational based, while Amazon’s A9 algorithm is transactional based and returns the results most likely to lead to a purchase. The most important factors to the A9 algorithm are relevance and performance. Your product description, product name, and even company name can be adjusted and optimized for better search result rankings on Amazon. 

The Benefits of Amazon SEO

If customers can’t find your product, they won’t buy it. It’s as simple as that. The more relevant eyes on the product, the more opportunities to increase conversion rates and make money. The only way a customer will find your product is if the A9 algorithm matches their query with your listing.

Making your products easier to find by using smart Amazon SEO strategies will bring your listing right to the customer who is looking for it. If you optimize your product listings on Amazon, you can expect more sales and more exposure for your products and brand. One of the best ways to increase sales on Amazon is to use A9-algorithm-friendly SEO.

Amazon SEO at Evolved Commerce

SEO can be challenging, especially if you are listing a lot of different products. Amazon is constantly changing its A9 algorithm. You have better things to do than keeping up on the A9 algorithm and combing through every listing yourself. That’s where our Amazon SEO service comes in.

Our team of account managers will make sure your listings check all the boxes and climb up the rankings. We will double check your work and find ways you can do better. As Amazon makes constant changes to the A9 algorithm, we stay up to date on Amazon SEO best practices so you can spend your time doing your job. Evolved Commerce Amazon SEO service account managers are experts at performing thorough keyword research to identify keywords that are relevant for your projects and will bring in traffic that is ready to buy.

Your brand can thrive on Amazon when you understand how to work within the parameters of Amazon’s algorithm to stay ahead of the competition. Working with Evolved Commerce means having someone who knows the ins and outs of the algorithm and how to improve product rankings. We’ll make sure all of your product listings are optimized and ready to sell.

Over time Amazon’s ranking factors have changed and they will probably continue to change. Their aim is to give customers the best experience possible by producing the best search results with the highest potential for conversion. Our passion to understand these factors molds our tactics and gives us the knowledge to evolve with the algorithm’s changes.

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