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Mother’s Day Selling Guide for Amazon

Why focus on Mother’s Day   Mother’s Day is an annual holiday that is a time to focus on mothers and motherhood. Gifts are not only bought for mothers but for sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and maternal bonds. In 2021 Mother’s Day generated $30.3 billion, making it the third-largest retail holiday....

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4 Tips for Holiday Promotions on Amazon

As we are all very aware by now, you must have a dialed approach when it comes to being successful on Amazon during the Q4 holiday season. Gone are the days of just waiting around for sales to come pouring in because more and more sellers have become better at targeting their audience through Amazon...

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Top Tips for Amazon Keyword Research

How to find the right keywords for your product listing What is keyword research when it comes to Amazon? In short, it is finding the words and phrases that consumers are most likely to use when searching for a product like yours. The goal is to find those top producing phrases to generate traffic...

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Fulfilled by Merchant vs. Fulfilled by Amazon

FBM or Amazon FBA, which is better for my business? For third party sellers on Amazon there are a handful of choices as to how you can sell and fulfill your products on the marketplace. Amazon FBA, Merchant Fulfilled or a hybrid of the two. Each has its own set of challenges as well as benefits. The...

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3 Reasons Amazon Sellers Need Business Intelligence

“Most entrepreneurs fail because you are working IN your business rather than ON your business.” -Michael Gerber   The role of business intelligence in Amazon marketing is to help executives make better, more informed decisions to benefit the overall performance. Said another way, business intelligence...

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The Best Amazon PPC Strategy in 2020

We often get asked what is the best Amazon PPC strategy or structure. Over the years advertising on Amazon has gotten more and more competitive. The result is more and more sellers competing for prime ad placement which has in turn increased bids. This increase in bids has made the goal of maintaining...

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The Process to Long Term Amazon Success

How to win long-term on Amazon Ever wondered how to be successful listing on Amazon? Amazon isn’t getting any easier for sellers. The days are gone where throwing up a listing, getting a handful of reviews, starting an ad campaign, and sitting back to watch revenues jump month over month. In fact,...

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