Amazon PPC Management

Amazon PPC Management Services

Amazon is increasingly one of the most important channels for brands of all sizes. However, forecasting inventory, responding to Seller Feedback and Product Reviews, optimizing listings, managing Ads, and breaking down reports can take a lot of time for even the most experienced seller.

Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Amazon Paid Advertising is a great way to drive more traffic and capture more sales while increasing brand awareness. The right ad in the right place at the right time can mean the difference between a successful sale and losing a customer to a competitor. A successful ad campaign on Amazon focuses on increasing impressions while decreasing spend by combining relevant keyword research and continued ad optimization.

Brands can spend a lot of money and waste a lot of time on campaigns shooting from the hip or paying for un-optimized ads. Understanding the cost of acquiring each new customer and improving the campaign’s ROI is key to Amazon success. Using Evolved Commerce’s competitive analysis and in-depth Amazon business intelligence, you’ll see your brand awareness skyrocket and sales follow suit.

What is PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and How Does Amazon PPC Work?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or Paid advertising is a way to focus your ad spending on specific terms. These ads are are paid for and managed through Amazon Seller Central in an auction-style system in which sellers bid a certain amount of ad spend for the individual terms that they would like to target. The seller that bids the highest will show up in the first paid position, second highest in the second position and so on.

One of the main advantages of using PPC on Amazon is that sellers only pay when their ads are clicked on. Think of it as Google AdWords, except exclusive to Amazon. Amazon PPC ads are available for a wide range of product categories on Amazon:

• Apparel• Entertainment Collectibles• Office Products
• Appliances• Fine Art• Outdoors
• Arts, Crafts & Sewing• Furniture• Patio, Lawn & Garden
• Automotive Parts & Accessories• Grocery & Gourmet Food• Pet Supplies
• Baby• Health & Personal Care• Shoes
• Batteries• Home & Kitchen• Software
• Beauty• Industrial & Scientific• Sports
• Camera• Jewelry• Sports Collectibles
• Cell Phones & Accessories• Luggage• Tools & Home Improvement
• Clothing & Accessories• Movies & TV• Toys & Games
• Collectible Coins• Music• Video Games
• Computers• Musical Instruments• Watches
• Electronics  

Benefits of Using Amazon PPC Ads

1. Higher Amazon Search Appearance

Because Amazon PPC Ads are placed based on the amount bid for each keyword, it is really up to you where you want your keyword to be placed. Amazon places paid advertisements in advantageous, high-converting positions on its search results pages, meaning that high position ad placement can result in a large increase in traffic headed to your specific product.

2. Cost-efficient, Targeted Advertising

Another key benefit of using Amazon Pay-Per-Click is the cost-efficiency of the ads. With Amazon PPC ads, you only pay for the clicks that your specific ad receives. Since you pay only when a user sees your product and visits the product page through an ad you placed on a particular category or keyword, these ads are extremely targeted and can be a vital part of any great Amazon marketing strategy.

3. Ad Campaign Analytics

Making the right decisions for your marketing strategy is extremely important to your business’s long-term success. With Amazon’s PPC Analytics, campaigns can be reviewed, tweaked and overhauled in order to provide the best outcome for your Amazon marketing strategy.

Why Use Evolved Commerce for Your Amazon PPC Management?

Even with all of the great benefits of running a PPC marketing campaign for your Amazon products, management of these campaigns can be tricky. Keeping an eye on all the targeted keywords, managing ad bids, and fixing copy are just some of the many elements that go into running a successful Amazon PPC campaign. We know that you have a wide array of elements to your business that you need to pay attention to — let us be the ones to pay attention to your Paid Advertising.

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We have years of experience helping million-dollar brands navigate and succeed on Vendor Central.
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