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Enhanced Brand Content Services

Enhanced Brand Content on seller central gives brands the rare opportunity to tell their story on Amazon. We can help get access to EBC and design attractive and informative content that helps increase conversions. 

Great EBC

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is a feature that allows certain businesses to create attractive and informative sales pages for products on Amazon. You can control the text and images on each page to tell your unique brand story while eliminating distractions and visual clutter.

EBC can bring you more traffic and higher sales conversion rates, along with keeping customers on your pages longer. Your pages can help customers understand your offers better and answer more of their questions, which can drive faster sales and lower product refund requests.

Evolved Commerce can help you get set up to access Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, which not every business uses or knows about. We can also help you design great-looking pages to sell your products faster.

How Does Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Work?

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content may increase your sales conversion rates by several percentage points on each product page. Shoppers are getting used to visually appealing sales content, so why not make your product pages look memorable and beautiful?

Your enhanced product pages can also tell your brand story while showcasing features and benefits of specific products. If you are a seller of sunglasses, for example, your pages could each show how your brand is different from your competition. At the same time, your pages would showcase the unique value proposition of each product, such as special lenses, polarization, mirroring, and more.

If you plan to spend on advertising to drive traffic, your Enhanced Brand Content pages could increase your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS) compared to a basic Amazon page.

Benefits of Using Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

1. Control the Sales Presentation with Visuals and Copy

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content lets you place extended sales copy on your product pages and lay them out in appealing ways, along with pictures and other visuals. You can lead customers through the most important points of your message. You can tell your brand story and explain the benefits of your products through a real sales presentation.

2. Lift Sales Rates with Video

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content lets you place video at the top of product pages, so customers see it before they even scroll down. Video is a powerful way to get attention and keep customers from leaving your page. If they click on a video and find it interesting, they’ll want to keep watching, spending more time on your page and connecting with your brand and product. Video product demonstrations can increase sales conversion rates.

How Can Evolved Commerce Get Me Started with Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

Even though the features of Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) are appealing, it can be difficult to know where to start. You also may not be experienced with the best practices for placing images, text, and videos in the most attractive ways. Why not leave the task of EBC design to people who work on it every day, so you can focus on other important parts of your business?

Graphic designers and photographers at Evolved Commerce can take your good content and make it look great. Our expert account managers will listen carefully to your brand story to make sure we can keep it consistent and powerful on all your enhanced pages. We’ll help you lead your customers through each page to the “Buy Now” button.

Get in touch with Evolved Commerce today. We can answer all your questions about Enhanced Brand Content and show you how easy it can be to sell on Amazon.

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We have years of experience helping million-dollar brands navigate and succeed on Vendor Central.
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