What You Need

Please make sure to have a computer that you can use to share your screen with me while we set up your account. (Smartphones won’t work for the screen share.)

1. An email address that you have access to on the screen share.
2. A phone number that you have access to on the screen share.
3. Bank account number and routing number.
4. Credit card info. (For $39.99 professional account charged monthly)
5. Photographs of your driver’s license or passport. (Most people are taking the photos with their phone and then emailing it to themselves. We need to upload them to Seller Central. Please have them on your computer and accessible on the screen share. )
6. Scanned or downloaded bank or credit card statements. (This is for the purpose of verifying your identity. It does not have to be your business bank account. Screenshots are not accepted.)

Step 2

Please wait to schedule your appointment until you have all of the documents on your computer.


Use the link below if you have any questions prior to the call.